The ultimate goal of Jammu Kashmir National Students Federations (JKNSF) is the achievement of freedom of Kashmir through Socialist Revolution and to build a classless society in Kashmir which would become a part of Socialist Federation of Sub Continent voluntarily.Along with the struggle for basic democratic rights and restoration of students union main task of JKNSF is to arm the youth and students with ideas of Revolutionary Marxism and Socialism. Another historical task confronting JKNSF is to unite progressive and leftist organizations against Imperialist oppression, Capitalism, Religious Fundamentalism and Terrorism, nationally and internationally. JKNSF supports the right to self determination for all oppressed nationalities, but also condemn racial, ethnic and national prejudices used by the ruling classes to divide the oppressed people and working class. We firmly hold the Internationalist stance that working people and revolutionary youth of all countries can overthrow this rotten and exploitative capitalism only through a collective class struggle.Our basic demands and program include:

  • Guaranteed employment or RS 15000 unemployment allowance to all unemployed
  • Nationalization of all private educational institutions, free provision of education at all levels and an end to the commodification of education
  • Discouragement of all kinds of gender discrimination, equal social status and opportunities for women in every fields
  • An end to the imperialist occupation of Kashmir, abolishment of all dividing lines across different parts of Kashmir, all power to the democratically elected representatives of working masses and youth of Kashmir
  • Struggle for a Socialist Federation of Subcontinent by overthrowing capitalism through class solidarity with the workers and youth of Pakistan, India and whole world

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